What’s In My School Bag?


school is almost ever, less than 20 days. i am the most happiest person ever, so to celebrate i wanted to share with you guys the bag that i used and what’s in it. some of the stuff are all torn up, and not in great condition because i have had them for a year. this bag i got from nordstrom, i am not a 100% sure, but they’re by MCM.


so first up is my huge binder. it’s probably 1-2 inches? i have no idea, but it is the best binder ever. it is recycled from paper and stuff which is great. all my subjects are kept in this binder. (all the papers and everything) i got this binder from target.

next is my paper folder? i’m not sure what they’re called, but it is as well from target. it is so cute and i  just had to buy it.

then i have my notebooks, like for creative writing, drama, and AFL, all that stuff. and then i have my book perks of being a wallflower, we are currently reading the book in english and i love it.

my pencil case, which i mentioned in my april favorites. the green thing is actually a flashcard holder. you put all your flashcards in it which i think is the best thing that i have ever bought in my life. i got it from target as well. then the black thing is my calculator that i have had since middle school. i love it, i’ve had it for about 4 years and it is still in great condition. and lastly the purple thing that is under my perks of being a wallflower book, it’s an agenda. i note down all my homework and tests and quizzes, which helps me to keep organized.

i don’t really carry around beauty things, because i honestly don’t care. i get reading in 5 minutes and leave the house. i aint trying to impress anyone. i would just carry around hand sanitizer because the school is gross and just filled with germs.

thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed. all the love.

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