William Sonoma’s Hot Chocolate


i know i know, it’s almost summer, but i really wanted to tell you guys how amazing this hot chocolate is. last year winter, we just kept drinking it every night. there are different flavors, there is peppermint, salted caramel, and the regular one. i am obsessed with the peppermint bark, unfortunately we finished it today.


so you basically add in milk into the pot, let it get warm, and then put in the stuff from the box and into the milk. i am nor exactly sure how much you need to put in, but it says on the box. the first time i tried it, it was light, not too creamy or whatever. the second time, we let it sit in the heat for a while and it got so much better. it was very creamy and it was just amazing. definitely try it in winter. (this may not be available anymore, sorry)


so this was the final product, it took around 5-7 minutes, but totally worth it. i used the mug from my amazon haul and i am in love with it. anyway, thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed. all the love.

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