Amazon Haul (Part 1)


i recently just ordered from amazon, and so i decided to do a haul. there are going to be parts for this haul just because not all the things have been delivered to me at once. the yellow package is not mine, i opened it and there was a small golden rusted spoon, i checked the address and it was sent to the wrong one. so yeah, lets get into this haul.


so first up are these two items. i recently started learning how to draw (a lot of help from a youtuber named mark crilley) and i noticed that he used a black pencil, and it was called black prisma color, i really wanted to try it out, so i ordered it. next is my iphone case, i am a very clumsy person. i can’t take care of my iphone cases. anyway, i wanted to buy a marble phone case (i’ve been really into marble lately) and so i ordered it. it also matched my laptop case which is a plus.


now for books, i’m just going to say it, i am in love with shadowhunters. you have no idea how badly i want to be one, i even am practicing runes. (well making them up), so i ordered this shadowhunter’s codex. which basically teaches you the concept i guess. next is cutiepiemarzia’s book, i have never read any youtuber’s books before (but i do have some of their books) so when i saw that marzia released a book, i had to order it. she is one of my favorite youtubers out there.


i have seen these towelettes in urban outfitter whenever i travel to america, and i never really thought that i wanted them. until i stumbled upon a youtube video, she was talking about how amazing this product is. and how refreshing and all that good stuff, so i wanted to try it out. there are different kinds out there but i ordered the lavender one cause i just love the scent.


a lot of people have been talking about this new brush that is way better than the clarisonic. and honestly i wanted one, because my clarisonic isn’t really that amazing. i don’t really see a difference with it so i ordered this perfect skin – brushing system. i’m excited to try it out.


and lastly, this mug. as i mentioned before, i am obsessed with shadowhunters, but i also am obsessed with mugs, so i had to order this. i was reading the box and apparently, if something hot makes contact with the inside of the mug, then those small drawing (runes) will act like glow in the dark.

i will be making a review on some of these products soon, i just want to try them out for a week or so, so i can give a proper review. thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed. all the love.




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