Summer Essentials


summer is right around the corner, well, at least here in kuwait. which means, i need to start getting out my summer essentials. i decided to share with you guys some of my summer essentials.


in kuwait, when we say it’s hot, we mean it’s hot. the temperature goes beyond 122 degree fahrenheit. so i like to carry around this bottle of water. it’s basically a facial mist. you just spray it on your face and you’ll feel better. (it’s just plain water that we drink.)


next i like to carry around plastic bottles perfumes. usually i get these as gifts from bath and body works so might as well use them. it’s not really great to spray perfume while sweating because it makes the smell worse. so these are great to just throw them in your handbags.


i don’t know about you guys, but my skin tends to get very oily. and it’s not the greatest thing in the world, so i always have to have these in hand. oil blotting sheets, i have talked about them multiple times because they’re my life.


since this is a beauty blog, i decided to throw in a lipstick. this lipstick is by tarte. i wasn’t really impressed by it when i got it, because when i put it on, it barely showed. but then like 5 months later i decided to give it a try again, and it was the best color ever. it goes on very smooth, and it moisturizes your lips. it is a light pink color which i think is great for spring / summer.

tarte- coral blossom


my polaroid camera. i barely use this camera but when i do, i take about a 100 pictures. since summer means vacation, and vacation means (to some of us) traveling, we have to take good pictures. i think polaroids take the perfect pictures if you’re going for a tumblr-ish look.

thank you for reading, and comment down below what your summer essentials are. hope you enjoyed reading, all the love.

ps. thank you for 100 followers! i love you all.

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