Blogger Recognition Award


i would like to start off by saying, thank you the jouska for nominating me! i am in love with your blog, and you’re doing such a great job on your posts. check out their blog if you have not already, you won’t regret it.


1- write a post to show your award.

2- mention the blogger who nominate you.

3- brief story on how you started your blog

4- two pieces of advice.

5- nominate 15 bloggers.

brief story:

i actually wanted to start a youtube channel, my whole family was supportive of that idea, and even my 7 year old brother wanted to open a youtube channel. but i started thinking about the process of editing and making the channel look great that it was just overwhelming. i decided with blogging, it took me two days to finally find the perfect program to start a blog. i was happy, and i couldn’t wait to post. it’s only been about a week or two since i started and i already met so many amazing people.

two pieces of advice:

1- quantity over quality. if you are just starting post, post two times a day. i suggest you post a lot on your blog, so when bloggers come to check out your blog, they’ll see what they’re going to expect in the future. and they’ll have an idea on what your blog is going to  be about.

2- patience. i think we can all agree that once we start posting, we expect a lot of people to start following our blogs. but that’s not the case, don’t think just because people aren’t posting comments or liking your posts, means that your post aren’t that great. you just have to wait for people to come.

bloggers i nominated:





miss santorini



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