Sugar VS Lush


lip scrubs are probably one of the most important things in life, (i exaggerated a little bit) but they truly are. i feel like my number one tip before adding on lipstick is scrubbing your lips with your choice of a lip scrub. (i’m sorry, i didn’t know how to word that.) the main question is, what is the best lip scrub out there? i have two favorites, but i realized that one is better than the other.


i think we are all familiar with lush’s edible lip scrub. not all lip scrubs are edible, but lush saved our life by making it edible. this product does have its pros and cons.


  • it does its job. it will leave your lips very smooth, and ready for it to be moisturized.
  • it makes your life easier, once you are done with it, a lot of product will still remain on your lips, so instead of wiping it off, just lick it. i have stopped myself from not taking a spoon and just eating it all.
  • the packaging is adorable, the color is very pretty.


  • it goes everywhere. when you’re using it, it will go everywhere, on your lap and on your desk or vanity.
  • it’s hard to hold on to it. what i mean is, it’s hard to pick up and put it on your lips before it goes everywhere. they’re not all stuck together.


now the sugar one, i never really knew the brand sugar, until summer last year. i was just looking through sephora and i see the lip scrubs and all the lipsticks and stuff. i have seen youtubers and bloggers talk about this lip scrub, so i decided to try it out myself. i fell in love.


  • it’s very soft on the lips. it’s not very rough like other lip scrubs.
  • you can pick it up very easily. this is literally the opposite from the lush one, they are all stuck together, so it’s easy to pick up and put it on your lips.
  • it’s not messy, again opposite lush, this one is not messy at all. you just use it, and wipe it off.


  • it’s not edible. unfortunately, you can’t just lick it off your lips.
  • as they say, “a little goes a long way”, if you put more than enough on your lips, it’s going to take while to take it off. so you have to put very little.


what is your favorite lip scrub? thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed. all the love.


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