3 Ways To: Organize Necklaces


so i decided to start this new idea where every sunday, i would post a 3 ways to. it could be basically about anything. so for this post, i’m going to show you some three simple ways to organize your necklaces.


necklaces tend to get tangled up very easily, just like ear phones. so my mom came up with a way that is, not only will it help with tangles, but also, it’s easy access. i can literally just pull them off the pins, and wear them. and they’re easy to put back. this board i got at pottery barn, the pins are just from target. they are amazing, you don’t need to worry about the weight or whatever.


this second one was mentioned in every single beauty guru’s youtube video. but believe me it works. it helps with tangles and everything. although i might say, it does take up a lot of space, i use those smoothie or slushy straws, maybe smaller ones are better. this is such a cheap way to organize your necklaces.


this last one is pretty simple, you just buy one of those compartment dividers and stick them into your drawer. each necklace fits perfectly in each slot, and no tangles whatsoever. these weren’t that expensive, i think i got them in amazon about two years ago. it is still in great condition. they aren’t that big, they’re the size of two hands next to each other.

so these are three simple ways to organize your necklaces. i’m looking forward to the 3 way to posts, i hope you guys enjoy it. thank you for reading and all the love.



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