Product Empties


i feel like nowadays, it’s hard to empty out products. because literally everyday, new products are released. but i have a handful of products that i have emptied out, and caught myself repurchasing it over and over again. some of these products i have talked about, but i’ll still talk about them, just a brief description.



so these first three. i have talked about all these three in different posts. okay so first is the neutrogena face wash, it is oil free which is great. it leaves your face fresh and it helps to get rid of excess oils. i talk more about it in my night skincare routine. next is the clean and clear acne spot treatment. this product i swear by it. if i run out, i buy 5 of these. it’s amazing. i mention it also in my night skincare routine. lastly, these sephora express cleansing wipes. if i am ever in a hurry, or don’t have makeup wipes, or i just don’t feel like washing my face, i’ll use these wipes. they’re amazing for basically everything. i go more into depth about this product in my lazy skincare routine.



next are these oil blotting sheets from sephora. these are life savors, especially during the summer or on an airplane. i always have these in hand, if i don’t, all hell breaks lose. but seriously these are amazing. next is my dark angels face/body cleanser from lush, i’m not really going to say much about it other than it’s amazing. i have talked about this for ages, you can check it out in my lush collection. and then the pillow mist from bath and body works. i always spray this before i go to sleep. especially during those stressful days. it helps to calm my mind before i go to sleep. (more details about it in this post.



now for the last two products that i have never talked about in my blog. gum and deodorant. gum is an essential, i need it everywhere i go. i always have a pile of these packs in my room, because i run our of these gums very fast. next is my deodorant. this stuff is amazing. i have been using this kind of deodorant since forever. it is clear, so you don’t need to worry about white stains on your shirt. there are different scents. i always buy about 50 of those in target, so i can take it back to kuwait with me. i don’t think they have it in kuwait, but definitely in target.

so these are all the products that i have successfully emptied out, and that i still repurchase them. thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed. all the love.

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