Betsey Johnson


whenever i look for statement necklaces, the first place that i go to is betesy johnson. as you can see there are a variety of different necklaces. they are all “over the top”, which is what makes them unique. betsy creates a lot of unique necklaces and handbags and rings.

if i have on a simple and plain outfit, and i really want to add something to it, i’ll just wear one of these necklaces. i want to say that they are ‘interactive’ necklaces. for example, the camera one, when you open the lens, a diamond will show up. and if you open the candy machine slot one, then a candy attached to a chain will come out.

you can find these necklaces in macys and any other department stores. my mom and are just fallen in love with her work. she’s amazing at what she does. check her out, you will fall in love. if you are not into the over the top look, she still creates simple yet elegant necklaces for you to try out.

thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed it. all the love.

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