5 Ways To Stop Stressing

we all have those days where we just want to relax, but we can’t. we have a pile of things to do, and it gets too much to the point where we just lay in bed and overthink stuff. i have found some tips and tricks that help me stop stressing for those days.

  1. do not procrastinate. the minute you are given work, do it. if you’re a young blogger, like i am, then you would understand the amount of work teachers give us on just one night. don’t leave it till the last minute. if i leave my work till the last minute, then the whole day i will just be thinking about it, so i’d much rather have it done than just think about it and stress myself out.
  2. take days off. i have school from sundays-thursdays. the whole week all i do is study and work and study, and it just gets too much. so i would take a day off. (not from school, i still go to school.) on thursdays, i don’t even touch my school bag. it’s a thing for the whole family, even my brothers do this. it helps to collect your thoughts and plan out your week.
  3. get a planner. either if it’s on your phone or writing things down, just have one. write down things that you need to do. once you start writing them down, weight will be lifted off your shoulders because now you can see what you need to do.
  4. have a routine.i feel like having a routine will help to calm you down, because you know that you need to do this at this hour and that in that hour. it will help you prepare for the future. i will make a completely different post on my routines to help you get the idea.
  5. look towards the future. when i start my work, i usually think of the thing s that i will do after i’m done with my work. like watch tv shows without stressing out. these things really help to motivate me to get my work done faster, so i can enjoy the whole day without stressing out.

i hope these tips help you out, i would love to know your tips and tricks. thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed it. all the love.

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