Favorite Purses


i know i’ve been posting a lot of favorites posts, but hopefully, by next week i will have more creative and helpful posts. these are my go to bags, if i’m in a hurry and don’t feel like thinking, i’ll just pick one of these.


so this first one is from louis vuitton, and it is a big purse. there are multiple different colors, but i never had a pink purse (other than the henri bendel backpack) and it was love at first site. it matches with basically every outfit i wear. it holds all my purse essentials and there is still extra room to spare. i especially use this for airplanes, to keep in water bottles and headphones, and so on.


this next one is way smaller than the louis vuitton one. i use this bag if i don’t really need to have all my purse essentials. all i would put in this miu miu bag is my wallet and my phone. and if i want to, i’ll put gum in it. but it is such a great size if you want to leave the house for 30 minutes but don’t want to carry a big purse.

i really hope you enjoyed this post, what are your go to purses? thank you for reading. all the love.

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