What I Use Every Night


we all have those stressful night, where we just want to sleep for hours and hours and hours. and sometimes, i can’t sleep. a year ago i discovered the stress relief line in bath and body works. i was looking for a pillow mist and my mom suggested we look into bath and body works, and there were. ever since then, i have been spraying these on my pillows every night.

these are amazing if you can’t sleep, or keep waking up throughout the night. i really and truly recommend this product because it is beyond amazing. i use this, like i said, every night. no joke.

thank you for reading, i know it’s short, but i hope you enjoyed it. all the love.

5 thoughts on “What I Use Every Night

  1. […] next are these oil blotting sheets from sephora. these are life savors, especially during the summer or on an airplane. i always have these in hand, if i don’t, all hell breaks lose. but seriously these are amazing. next is my dark angels face/body cleanser from lush, i’m not really going to say much about it other than it’s amazing. i have talked about this for ages, you can check it out in my lush collection. and then the pillow mist from bath and body works. i always spray this before i go to sleep. especially during those stressful days. it helps to calm my mind before i go to sleep. (more details about it in this post. […]

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