Favorite Lip Glosses


this was such a hard decision to make, i have so many favorite lip glosses. i limited myself (like usual) to just two. i’m thinking of making parts, so every week or so i post two new favorite lip glosses. and there are so many i have yet to try out.


this first one is from mac and it’s by ariana grande. i’m not really into mac lip glosses,  because they tend to get very sticky and messy. but i set all the negative thing aside and try it out. even though it was sticky, it was such a pretty ‘good girl’ color. it has that shine to it, and it’s perfect if you want to have something very simple on your lips. it’s amazing.

IMG_1124 (1)

this next one is beyond amazing. this is from bare minerals and it is this brown neutral color. this color is perfect if you’re going for a more natural look. the exciting part about this lip gloss, is that it is a lip plumper. once you put this on your lips, it will start to feel like mint or something like that, and it’s basically pumping up yo lips gurl. (i’m sorry i just had to.)

bare minerals- spark plug

thank you all for reading, hope you all enjoyed. all the love.

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