What I Use In The Shower


i thought this would be a great post to help you guys, if you’re looking for a new body wash, or new shampoo and conditioner. i will be going through each one of these and briefly talk about them.


my hair was a total mess, i used to have ombre hair, but it looked horrible. it was like half black and half blonde. so a year after, i decided to change it back to all black. and i have been using this shampoo my whole life, it is the best thing in the whole entire world. if you have really thick hair, then i suggest this. it helps with frizz, and repairs damaged hair. its just beyond amazing. this is from l’oreal, they have a bunch of different shampoos for different hairs, so definitely check them out.


this conditioner is amazing. i use this only at the ends of my hair because if you use it on your scalp, it will get very oily. and that’s not a very good look. this conditioner is amazing, it will leave your hair very silky. it will also help to moisturize it which is a plus.


this is from bath and body works, and its from their stress relief line or whatever. i bought all four kinds and this is my last one. this is the lavender one and it makes your body smell amazing (why does that sound so weird) anyway, it has a calming smell to it so i really suggest it during those stressful days.

as for my skincare, i posted a post about my morning skincare routine with all the products that i use. i don’t use any hair masks, i’ve read many blogs and there are so many amazing ones. if you have any recommendations, please comment them down below. thanks for reading. all the love.

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