Sunglasses Collection


summer is almost here, which means i need to bring out one of my most important essentials. sunglasses. these sunglasses were not just bought all at once, i collect them over years.


these first ones are by dior. they’re not too big or too small, they are just the right size. i am obsessed with them. as you can see, there are so many small scratches here and there and its because i have dropped it multiple times, but they are still in great condition.


these next ones are from topshop, i don’t really wear them but i decided to add them in because they look adorable and very chic. maybe one of you guys wear these kind of sunglasses, so i decided to add them in.


i’m not sure where these are from but i’m going to guess they’re from pacsun. i have been always obsessed with the whole cat winged sunglasses, and i found these adorable ones and i just had to buy it. they’re so amazing,  and is still in great condition. (some shops have horrible sunglasses that get ruined the next month, but these are great.)

these are from henri bendel (i am obsessed with that store), and what really caught my eye was the simplicity of these sunglasses. they have these small rhinestones across the top of the sunglasses, which gives it the elegant style. so if you’re looking for something simple yet elegant, these are the one.

and lastly, these are from chanel. the same as the last ones, they are simple yet elegant. it has that light purple effect to the lens, which i really like. and the arms of the sunglasses, have two pearls on each side which looks very classy and vintage. the only problem was, i didn’t buy it from chanel, but from another store. when i opened the box, one of the pearls have fallen off. i just superglued it on and it’s all okay.

thank you for reading, and tell me which is your favorite sunglasses and i might check them out. all the love.

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