Lime Crime


in my opinion, i think lime crime is the best place to get really dark lipstick shades, they have many different shades but the ones i will be showing you are all dark


the first one is this really just straightforward black liquid lipstick. it is matte so that’s great. this was actually my first ever black liquid lipstick, and i really like. i obviously don’t wear it around but once a while. it goes on very smoothly, but like other mattes, it dries up your lips. so i suggest lip scrub and lip balm before adding this.

lime crime- black velvet


so this next one is a very dark maroon color. same as the black velvet one, it goes on very smoothly but it dries up the lips. i would recommend this for a party or something because i feel like it’s such a dark shade that it’s not that comfortable to walk around with. (unless you are then go ahead.)

lime crime- wicked


this next one is a dark purple. this has to be my favorite out of all of them. the first time i tried them on, i couldn’t stop taking selfies! it just looked so good and it was beyond amazing. just like the others, it goes on smoothly, but dries up your lips.

lime crime- pansy (sorry, couldn’t find it online.)


now onto the lipsticks. this is my first ever black lipstick, it is the same color as the black velvet, but not matte. it goes on very smoothly. but if you want like a really dark black, you have to put on a lot of layers. the first layer is just like faint black.

lime crime- styletto


the last product for lime crime is this dark purple lipstick. similar to the pansy one, but it has a bit of shimmer to it. such a pretty color as well, and it does go on very smoothly.

lime crime- poisonberry

these are all my lime crime products. have you ever tried lime crime products? or would you ever try them out? thanks for reading. all the love.

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