Morning Skincare Routine


my morning skin care routine is very limited with products. since the night before, i use a lot of products, then i would use little products to my skin so it won’t get irritated. two of these products are great for oily skin but not for dry skin.


first off, i would start off by washing my face with warm water. then i’ll start washing my face with this cleanser. this is the clean and clear morning energy, this one is the bursting beads one, but they’re so many more off them. this is oil free so its great for us people. it really helps with excess oil and washing off any other germs. it will leave your face refreshed and will wake you up.

then i will use these blemish control pads from first aid beauty. these work as a toner for me as well, they really help with pores, breakouts, and controlling oil. this is such a great product, it leaves your face feeling so clean.


then i’ll moisturize my face. this is the clean and clear dual action. its oil free but it’s also great for dry skin. it won’t leave your face very dry because it is such a light moisturizer. i use this only for the summer, because my skin tends to get really oily. 

that is my morning skin care routine, hope you enjoyed reading it. tell me if you have ever tried any of these products. all the love.



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