Favorite Perfumes


i was going to have 5 different perfumes but decided to limit myself to just two. these are the perfumes that i have been using a lot lately, and are my favorite.


this first one is the Chanel Chance. oh my god, i don’t know if you have ever watched the commercial for this but it’s really cute. anyway, this perfume i fell in love with. i never owned a chanel perfume, so i asked my mom which one to buy and she suggested this one. it has a sweet berry smell, but not too strong. it’s not like the other perfumes where it smells old fashioned, this one is more modernized. there different colors and the picture doesn’t show but the color is lavender.

chanel- chance


the second one is ari by ariana grande. i never own celebrity perfumes, but i if do, i just didn’t know it belonged to them. but i had to buy this one. it looks so elegant and pretty, it’s just amazing. it has a sweet smell, but it’s great for a meeting or whatever. it’s a mature sweet, not like those really sweet perfumes that are just way too strong and nobody likes.

ariana grande- ari by ariana grande

thank you for reading, tell me if you have tried any one of those. all the love.

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