How I Pack


lets just ignore the bag that i have had for 16 years now. but it’s a great one, and its still in great condition and hold everything perfectly. anyway, in this post i’m going to briefly show you what i pack and some tips that i have.

(this is not for traveling, every weekend i go to my beach house with my family)


as you can see, theres not a lot of stuff. i have experienced over packing, and not packing enough. i think i finally figured out what i need and don’t need.

i only bring outfits for friday and saturday, (i live in Kuwait so our weekends start on thursday instead of friday, start the week on sunday and not on monday). for the friday outfit, i know not a lot of my relatives are going to be there, other than my parents and my brothers, so i just wear casual and comfy outfit.

for this friday- an oversized sweater and black jeans.

i know that i will be seeing my relatives on saturday so i like to dress up a bit so i’m going to wear a pretty dress with a casual jacket.

as you can see on side, my jewelry is also limited. one for each outfit. the silver choker is just for around my family and myself. (i love to feel pretty for just myself sometimes)

i brought two sweaters that will act like my pjs, and one legging. one sweater for friday and one for saturday. i also bring bras and underwear but im not going to show you that because, i, myself feel uncomfortable taking a picture of it.

i don’t wear makeup, only for special occasions of course. but i love to wear lipsticks. so i just bring one lipstick and some makeup wipes of course. the one that i’m bringing is the nars one. (i’ve talked about this specific lipstick in my favorite lipsticks post.)

if an emergency were to happen, i have extra clothes at my beach house so its all good. my face wash and moisturizes and all that, i have in my beach house.

as you can see, i limit myself, so when i come back home, i don’t need to unpack much.

hope you enjoyed. all the love. xx

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