Lush Collection


i do not own a bath tub, so i never experience the joy of bath bombs. BUT, that doesn’t mean i still can’t buy some of lush’s products. these are the products from lush that i love. hope you enjoy!

this is amazing for oily skin people. my face gets very oily during the summer, so before i go to bed, i will wash my face with this. it is always sold out, so i always get the biggest size so i won’t run out of it fast. it opens up pores and gets rid of all black heads which is a plus. the only tip i would give you with this product is to not use a lot of it on your face. because if you do, then your face will get really dry.

lush- dark angels, right here.

this mask is beyond amazing. all the youtubers that i have subscribed to suggested and recommended this and i had to give it a try. this is great not only for oily skin, but teenage skin. so if you are still in that phase (like i am) with all the breakouts, this will help to calm them down.

lush- cupcake, right here.

this one may look like poop, but its amazing. and it smells like coffee. this face mask was also recommended from those youtubers and its amazing. when you wash this mask off, you will feel refreshed and wide awake. just like what coffee does! so i suggest after you wake up and you have time for yourself, put this on and you’ll be good to go after washing it off.

lush- cup o’ coffee, right here.

this is literally my life. i know i’m saying that all these products are amazing, because they just are! this is just like the cup o’ coffee one, once you wash it off, you will feel like a new person again. the label says keep in fridge, i didn’t see that label until two weeks later, but it still works!

lush- don’t look at me, right here.

this product oh my god. if i could swim in it, i would. you know those rough patches on your elbows and knees, well this product will solve it. i will just put a good amount of it on the areas that are needed and just moisturize it. not only it will help with those places, but also with your cuticles! if your cuticles need a spa, this will help. i would every night moisturize it on my cuticles for at least a week. and oh my god, even my mom saw them and she was like, what did you? teach me your ways! (she didn’t really say that but you know what i mean.

lush- lemony flutter, right here.

i am pretty sure you all have heard of this stuff. i just have to include it in this post. it is beyond amazing, and the fact that it is edible as well, makes thing so much easier. this is a lip scrub btw. there are (i think) two flavors, bubble gum and pop corn, i chose the bubble gum because it sounds better. (in my opinion) the only downside is that it goes everywhere, and it doesn’t hold on well, but it’s all worth it.

lush- bubble gum, right here.

thank you for reading this, hope you enjoy! and please tell me if you have ever tried out these products, or you have products that you want to recommend. all the love.


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