Favorite Lipsticks


the products that make every girl (or boy) feel confident and powerful, well at least in my opinion. in this post, i will show you some of my favorite lipsticks, lipsticks that i have been wearing for a while now. i will link these lipsticks down below as i write so you guys can check them out.


this first lipstick is by aerin. i love this lipstick, especially when i’m feeling all flowery and spring. just ready to jump into summer. i have tanned skin, so when i put on this lipstick, it really shows how dark my skin is, which makes it look like i went to the beach. it also moisturizes which is a plus.

aerin- rose balm lipstick, and you can find it here. the name is ‘coral sand’


IMG_0961 (1)

i got this lipstick from a sample box, and i instantly fell in love with it. it is a light/dark color. it is not dark like ariana grande’s lipstick, (if you want me write a blog post about it, comment down below) but its not as light as the lipstick above. it has a tint of glitter, but the glitter can be easily removed with makeup wipes. if you are looking for a dark color lipstick, but in a more elegant way, try this. its by bare minerals.

bare minerals- raise the bar, and you can find it here.



this makes me feel like an evil queen. it is beyond amazing, and it goes on so smooth, and i just fell in love with it. on the paper, it doesn’t look that dark but when you apply it on, it looks dark. not a messy dark lipstick, a simple dark lipstick. its just amazing and i recommend you get this. it’s by bite.

bite- juniper, i can’t find it online but it is definitely in Sephora.



and lastly, nars. this is my first nars product and it’s such an amazing product. it is very similar to the bite lipstick, but a bit more purplely and matte. not really matte. it is a great color if you’re looking for a purple color, but not bright purple. it does not show on the paper but it has a tint of purple to it when you apply it. it’s really amazing.

nars- fanny, and you can find it right here.

these are all my favorite lipsticks so far, i’ll update later. tell me if you have any of these or you have tried them. enjoy!


5 thoughts on “Favorite Lipsticks

  1. […] i don’t wear makeup, only for special occasions of course. but i love to wear lipsticks. so i just bring one lipstick and some makeup wipes of course. the one that i’m bringing is the nars one. (i’ve talked about this specific lipstick in my favorite lipsticks post.) […]


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